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Conello B217AN

In 2008, Wall’s Conello has launched two new variants to complete its unique line of flavors with the new theme ”Two Becomes One”. The two variants are Sweetheart Brownies and Almond Praline in Love. Ice Cream Wall’s Conello Royale Sweetheart Brownies is a combination of dark chocolate ice cream with caramel, and Wall’s Conello Almond Praline in Love, featuring a fusion between vanilla ice cream and hazelnut.

This combination of two into one is also showcased in other forms such as the unification of two popular teen singers from two different countries as ambassadors for a single product, Conello. The two young stars are Gita Gutawa (Gita) as the Brand Ambassador for Conello Indonesia and Gadaffi B. Ismail Sabri (Dafi) as the Brand Ambassador for Cornetto Malaysia. Other Asian countries are also conducting this campaign in addition to Indonesia and Malaysia, including Singapore, China, Pakistan, India, and Thailand. Gita Gutawa and Dafi then sang a song that was used as Conello Royale TV commercial, and both of them were also appeared in the TV commercial.

To translate this concept into engaging brand activation campaign, the ”Two Becomes One” concept was adapted by Celsius into activation that strongly simulate the situation which the teenagers have to overcame their differences and collaborate themselves in a positive activities. The activation concept then was implemented by creating an event for high school students to compete among themselves. But to participate in the competition, each school should collaborate with other school and make a new team that represent both schools.

This first time ever concept of collaborating two difference schools was a true elaboration of regional “Two Becomes One” in relevant situation of Indonesian teenagers. The activation was successfully providing an experience for the teenagers on how to overcome the differences among them. An invaluable experience for them that really resonate the brand’s “Two becomes one” campaign theme. 



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