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some of our branding / tvc / print / radio works
YUPI featuring JKT48

In 2014, we created TV Commercial for YUPI gummy featuring JKT48. The TV commercial was aired on 2014's lebaran/ idul fitri, to introduce and strengthen YUPI as one of lebaran's snacks for Indonesian family.

Djarum Hikmah Puasa 2014 TVC

Since 2004, Djarum, one of the biggest corporation in Indonesia has started “Hikmah Puasa” (Ramadan Wisdom) campaign through public service TV commercials delivering Ramadan Wisdom values. The objective of this annual campaign is to strengthen the corporation’s image as a good corporate citizen company. In 2014, we created Djarum's Hikmah Puasa TV Commercial with "kebesaran hati" / "being grateful" as the main theme.

Pandava Coffee Radio Spot

Our Radio Spots for Pandava Coffee at late 2012, highlighting the strong Pandresso Coffee as the main message.

Mizone Tilt

At Q3 2012, we produced a TV filler/ TV Commercial for Mizone, to support "Tilt" Mizone Activation campaign. The TVC was created to strengthening the brand message by leveraging the "Tilted" pose as one of the unique communications gimmick, aligned with Mizone's thematic advertising campaign.

Kopi Tubruk Javabica

Our TV Commercial for Kopi Tubruk Javabica. Kopi Tubruk/ Mud Coffee is Indonesian style coffee where where coarse coffee grounds are boiled with hot water. To enjoy the coffee, one should wait until the most of the grounds have settled to the bottom. This advertising campaign was developed by emphasizing Kopi Tubruk Javabica's tagline "Tubruk Semangatmu" through an inspiring and motivating approach for the audience.

SPECS Print Advertising

Some of our print advertising works for SPECS, a leading sport shoes and apparel brand in Indonesia.

Featuring several Indonesia's prominent soccer athletes like: Cristian "El Loco" Gonzales, Aldo Barreto, Isnan Ali, Yongki Ari Bowo, Samsul Arif, Oktovianus Maniani, Arif Suyono, Rachmat Latief, Djayusman Triasdi, Engel Berd Sanni, and Elvis Nelson Anes.

For futsal shoes series, several futsal athletes were featured: Socrates "Cha-Cha" Matulessy, Beny Hera, Deny Handoyo, Hendra Kurniawan, Yos Adi Wicaksono.

And to support the future of Indonesian badminton, SPECS also featured several young and upcoming badminton athletes like: Rezha Arzhan Hidayat, Rahmat Agus Winaryo, Anita Nur Afrilia, Bima Anis Wijaya, M. Rian Ardianto.

Mega Rencana 2011

Our TV Commercial for Bank Mega's "Mega Rencana" saving account. The product help the customer have more proper planning for their future by assisting them to discipline themselves in saving their money.

Mega Berbagi Saving Account

Our TV Commercial for Bank Mega's "Mega Berbagi" saving account. The product which allocate some of the interest from customer's fund to educational charity program, was successfully build several elementary schools in remote area, including some schools at west java that were struck by earthquake.


Natur-E Journey to Beauty

One of our TV commercial for amplification of Natur-E Journey to Beauty activation program, featuring 3 winners of the promotion program with the brand ambassador Dian Sastrowardoyo.

Mega Pasti promotion program

Our TV commercial for Bank Mega's saving accounts "Mega Pasti" 2010 promotion program. The promotion program was supported also by print advertisement and POS material at Bank Mega's branches. The TV commercial were executed in 2 versions.

Indonesian Graphic Design Award 2010

We were proudly supported the first Indonesian Graphic Design Award 2010 by producing 2 print ads for this historic event. The concept was build based on IGDA's unique approach which encourage Indonesian Graphic Designer to create works that will make all Indonesian be proud of.


Onduline TV Commercial

Our TV commercial for Onduline Indonesia, advertising its bitumen roof product. The product's advantage was delivered through the emotional value of a perfect home for the people.

Love Juice Branding & Packaging Design

In 2007, we were appointed to design the new branding for Love Juice, including the packaging for its 4 variants.

YUPI - Hewan 2 Huruf

After the successful "Buaya Darat" version, the 2nd version of YUPI commercial was aired in 2009. The same strategy of leveraging YUPI's variety of shapes as the main character was used in this 2nd version commercial.


Erhalogy is a skin care brand with anti aging ingredients. We have handled their integrated marketing communications since 2007. These are some of our works for erhalogy.

erha clinic

erha clinic is one of our long-time client. Since 2007, we have provided integrated marketing communications strategy and materials for erha clinic. These are some of our works for erha clinic.

i-mobile "GOKIL"

As one of the Indonesian Idol 2008 sponsor, i-mobile created a promo program that relate the purchase of certain i-mobile series with opportunities to win several prizes, like car, motorcycle and i-mobile phone. We created the name of the program "GOKIL" (Gosok Kejutan Mobil) and the supporting promotion materials. The 12 finalists of Indonesian Idol then were leveraged as talents in this campaign.

Great Executor

We created "great executor" print ad for Flash Film. This print ad won a finalist title in ADOI Advertising Awards 2008 in illustration - print craft category.

YUPI - Buaya Darat

YUPI, a gummy candy brand that available in a lot of unique shapes needed a TV commercial to strengthen its brand awareness in 2008. We created the TV commercial for them by leveraging YUPI's variety of shapes and spice it up with the richness of children imagination delivered it in a story telling style.

i-mobile 520, Beyond Expectation

In 2008, we created a TV Commercial for the launching of 520 series from i-mobile, a cellular phone brand from Thailand. The creative approach was built by communicating the complete feature of the phone and put it in contrast with the elegant appearance of the phone.

SPECS Print Campaign

SPECS is one of leading Indonesian sport shoes brand. We have been trusted by SPECS to developed their print campaign for their several sport shoes series since 2007.


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