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"Adalah Kita" campaign

leonard theosabrata

In Q3 2010, Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia planned to launch campaigns to endorse appreciations to national products. To differentiate the campaign from other national products endorsing campaigns by the Minister of Trade, a different approach was chosen. Instead of only highlighting traditional products, this government supported campaign for the first time ever highlighting the urban modern communities.

This strategy was chosen to attract the urban community whose buying power and modern lifestyle were believed could aspire wider public to appreciate Indonesia’s products and/or services. By highlighting this aspiring urban people, this strategy would close the perceived gap between urban modern communities with nationalism spirit. This campaign was designed also as an acknowledgement that the urban contemporary arts and cultures were indeed part of Indonesian arts and cultures.

To attract the targeted urban modern communities, selected aspiring endorsers from several professions were selected. Each of them had proven their achievements in their fields. Some of them were actually not broadly well known or publicly popular, but were respectable figures in their fields. Combined with several well-known celebrities, this unique combination of endorsers well presented the urban appeals of the campaign.

“Karya Indonesia Adalah Kita” theme was created. The words stand for “Indonesia’s work (Karya Indonesia) are us/ our works (adalah kita)”, or can also be translated as “We (as a nation) are what we create”. This theme was chosen to communicate the concept of: Whatever we do in our daily life actually contribute to the pride of the nation. Because for every our achievement, every our masterpiece, actually is achievement of all of us as one nation. And now is the right time to appreciate the achievements of Indonesians who have created outstanding works, by proudly using Indonesian products/ services.

These aspiring figures was selected as the campaign’s endorser:

  • Dian Sastrowardoyo: One of the most famous Indonesian actresses. Her natural Indonesian beauty, diva charm and intellectual appeals (she was graduated from one of the best university in Indonesia) put her as one most respectable yet admired actress. Her other profession as HR consultant further strengthening her imagery as “beauty with brain” idol.
  • Leonard Theosabrata: Now recognized as one of Asia’s top product and interior designers, the only Indonesian to be included in the hefty 2006 German publication Young Asian Designers. He has won several prestigious international awards, including red dot design awards.
  • Becky Tumewu: One of the most famous Indonesian MC and public speaking trainers. Her long experience in entertainment industry and well-known high standard of professionalism put her as one of the role model for new comers in entertainment industry.
  • Avianty Armand: A female architect that become a reputable fiction writer. Her fictions are loved by literature enthusiast and well appreciated by the critics.
  • Endah N Rhesa: Endah Widiastuti (vocal, guitar) and Rhesa Aditya (bass), a musical duo that distributed their music independently. Their minimalist acoustic format has been well received in Indonesia’s music scene despite of their limited channel of distributions and copies. “Our music is sincere and it’s coming from inside our hearts,” they say.
  • Kleting: Kleting Titis Wigati, owner and designer of “Klé”, is one of the rising stars in fashion design industry. Hard Rock FM Jakarta named her as “Most Inspiring People Under 30 Years Old” in 2008.
  • Sir Dandy: or also known as “Acong” is one of few urban artists with broad range of talents, interests and passions. Contemporary arts collectors admired his acrylic paintings. His experiments with furniture products and indie music keep him stands out, exposing his pure passion for creative explorations.
  • Anton Wirjono: One of the most famous and respectable DJ in Indonesia. He is also an innovative entrepreneur who own wide range of music & retail entertainment industry brands. He was chosen by MTV Trax Magazine in 2002 as one of then people with a Midas touch in entertainment in Indonesia.
  • Adella & Alleta: Twin ballerinas, both of them share the same passion about ballet since they were kids. Considered as top ballerina in the nation, they were also well known for their effort to combine traditional Indonesian dancing with ballet in their shows.
  • Denny Sakrie: Well known music critics, writer and journalist. Has insatiable passion about music, especially Indonesian music. His broad and deep knowledge about music makes people consider him as music walking encyclopedia.
  • Eugene Panji: Respectable video clip, film and commercial director in Indonesia. His legendary works for several famous musicians brought him a reputable position as one of most admired creative worker in the nation. Eugene Panji was also the director of this campaign TV commercial.
  • Davy Linggar: Reputable contemporary art painters, but more widely known as one of the best photographers in Indonesia. He was truly gifted with sophisticated aesthetic sense, which brought him to become most desired photographers for top fashion designers in the country.

This unique combination of people, some were never imaginable to even talk about nationalism, were featured in 3 version of TV commercial.

The first version with 60 seconds duration featuring several of the endorsers in their daily activities setting, singing in their own voice the national song “Tanah Airku” (My homeland) composed by Ibu Sud (Renowned Indonesian pre independent song composer).

The second version was 120 seconds version, consisting unscripted interview result with the endorsers, talking about their point of view regarding nationalism and how Indonesian perceived Indonesia’s products/ services. The unscripted interview reveals a lot of unexpected angles from each endorser, which enrich the overall campaign with fresh ideas and perspectives.

The third versions of the TVCs were a series of 5 seconds bumper of each endorser stating their own version statement of the campaign.

The campaign website http://www.adalahkita.com was launched simultaneously with the TVCs. Maintaining the modern urban look, the website featuring selected/ curated modern urban Indonesia’s products and services. The visitor could also share their photograph wearing/ using his/her Indonesia’s product at the website. The campaign was also use social media channel like twitter and facebook. The other medium is outdoor billboards at several spots.

dian sastrowardoyo

This campaign was proudly won a bronze dragon at Promotion & Marketing Awards of Asia 2011 - http://www.pmaa-awards.net in Best Cause, Charity or Corporate Responsibility Marketing Campaign Category. Since 2000 PMAA has recognised and showcased some extraordinary campaigns from all over Asia, as far north as Japan & South Korea, south to Indonesia and as far west as Pakistan who entered for the first time in 2010.Click here to download the complete PMAA 2011 media release. Click here to read Kompas' article about this achievement.

"Adalah Kita" campaign was also proudly won a silver metal at Pinasthika Creative Awards http://www.pinasthikaward.com - Indonesian local advertising agencies creative competition, in advertising campaign/ mixed media category. At the end of 2011, this campaign was honored to be listed as finalist at Citra Pariwara 2011 http://www.citrapariwara2011.com , national creative advertising competition by PPPI (Indonesia Advertising Agencies Association), in mix media category.

pmaa 2011


Silau Emas


Cooperating with XL cellular provider, our client, in 2010 Buongiorno UK were planning to create a SMS game program targeted for lower market segment in Indonesia. We created an advertising campaign for "Silau Emas" program, supported by TV commercial, print ad and radio ad-lib.

Targeted to the lower segment, the advertising campaign was began with an appearance of an 'advertorial' photograph in secondary newspaper in selected cities. The curiosity then further built through ad-lib at selected radio stations, discussing the appearance of the photograph in the newspaper.

Silau Emas

The campaign then launched with TV commercial and print advertisement at newspaper.

Silau Emas


It's in Me - AQUA

In 2011, AQUA, a leading mineral water brand owned by Danone Indonesia, was planning to have a health campaign to endorse public to start healthy lifestyle. We created several print ads, outdoor advertisements and the TV commercials to support the campaign, specifically targeted to on-the-go segment (AQUA small package consumer). Several aspirational celebrities and key opinion leaders were selected as the campaign endorsers, delivering the empowering message about starting the healthy lifestyle as a personal commitment. The advertising of this campaign was supported by Winky Wiryawan, Dewi Lestari, Sandiaga S. Uno, Becky Tumewu, Denny Sumargo, Mariana Renata, Nicholas Saputra,  Richard Sam Bera, while on other channel, several other celebrities were involved.

print ad aqua

billboard aqua

To further strengthen the healthy lifestyle message for urban and mobile segment, the campaign also introduce a specially designed "It's In Me" hand wristlet, available exclusively for the member of the movement.

billboard aqua
billboard aqua
billboard aqua
billboard aqua

Then, the second version of the TV commercial was created to inspire people to start their healthy lifestyle in easy and exciting ways.

Invasion of Technology - Acer

Campaigning the launching of several innovative products need to be done in innovative way. The invasion of technology theme was delivered by using the latest Augmented Reality technology. This first time ever usage of Augmented Reality in brand mass communications in Indonesia, combined with initiatives through social media (twitter & facebook), ground activation, outdoor visibility and conventional media were successfully become talk of the town and support the sales growth during this campaign period.

Click here to preview the campaign's website

Campaign Background and Marketing Objectives
Acer computer is market leader in notebook and netbook computer market in Indonesia. While strong distribution channel is one of Acer’s key strong point, the brand need to strengthen its perceived quality and innovative perception, facing the quite aggressive competitors.

In Q4 2009, Acer planned to launch several new products. To optimize the impact of the communications, the brand decided to create a consolidated product launchings under a single umbrella campaign.

Campaign Strategy
A single theme was developed as an umbrella campaign. “The Invasion of Technology” was selected to reflect how the new products of Acer equipped with latest and innovative technology would invade the urbanites in Jakarta.

Campaign Concept
The agency believed that the best way to deliver “Invasion of Technology” message was by leveraging the latest technology and do it in an innovative way. The Augmented Reality (AR) technology then was used as the main tools of the campaign and combined with 360 degrees integrated communications support (This was the first time ever of using AR technology in brand mass communications in Indonesia). The Invasion theme was also coined as an invasion from outer space, leveraging the Alien/UFO’s association with more advanced technology.

Augmented Reality definition from wikipedia: Augmented reality (AR) is a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated imagery. It is related to a more general concept called mediated reality in which a view of reality is modified (possibly even diminished rather than augmented) by a computer. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Augmented_reality

Campaign Execution
The campaign was done by several phases: teaser and launches phases.The teaser phase was started with some activities in social media. Two prominent celebritweet (celebrity in twitter world) was commissioned to spread discussion regarding the alien / UFO. Either triggered by this initiative or a pure coincident, the social media then was flooded with UFO sighting reports. Even some newspapers and national TV stations dedicated some of their content discussing the UFO phenomenon.

In the height of UFO discussions, the teaser unbranded print ad was launched in the biggest newspaper in the nation. The content of the print ad was an “alien-like” symbol (actually was a Augmented Reality marker) and an instruction for the reader to visit http://www.iamspacer.com (to preview the campaign at that period, please visit http://www.thecelsius.com/iamspacer/), and show that symbol to the webcam. When people visit the site and show the symbol, a holographic artwork will appear attached to the marker, introducing the new product launch of Acer. This marker was also appears as cover in several tabloids and magazines.

Each product launch had different holographic artwork and sub-theme. The timing of the appearance of these holographic AR was synchronized with the launching of the new product.

The sub-theme:

  • SLIM Invader : Launching of aspire one slim AO531h netbook

  • IT’S TOUCH Invasion: Launching of aspire 5738 touch screen notebook

  • Beyond Perfection: Launching of Ferrari one, thematic notebook

  • Invasion of the winner - Launching of aspire 1810tz-412G32n Winter Olympic thematic notebook

  • Invasion of 3D Technology - Launching of aspire 5738DG-874G50M 3D notebook

During the first launch of this campaign, an UFO-like giant balloon was used in several malls in Jakarta. This initiative successfully rode on the buzz of UFO in the social media.This campaign later was supported by special promotion during launching period of each product launch. And the “Invasion of Technology” theme was also used in promotional print ad.

To support the hype of this campaign in the computer outlet, several exhibitions were done in prominent computer marketplaces/ malls. The outlets were also being encouraged to participate by creating store / product showcase dress-up competition. The thematic supporting materials for this competition were provided by the brand.

To amplify the hype in social media, the facebook competition was initiated with acer netbook as the prize. The Internet users were invited to try the AR and capture their photo with the holographic artworks. The most creative and unique photos then were selected as the winners.

This campaign was successfully become talk of the town. The first ever usage of Augmented Reality in mass communications, supported by initiatives in social media and conventional media, successfully impressed the IT and technology enthusiast in the country. Even some prominent IT enthusiasts and Internet experts voluntarily participate in the photo competition through facebook. The campaign was also highly discussed in kaskus.us, the largest community portal in Indonesia. And several marketing community later took this campaign as one of their study cases in their seminar.

This integrated campaign later won several national & international acknowledgements:

  • Merit Star at Adstars 2010 - Busan International Advertising Festival

  • Gold for Internet/ Mobile Activation Category Category at The Most Impactful Brand Activation 2010 - Mix Marketing Xtra Magazine

  • Silver for Low Budget High Impact Activation Category at The Most Impactful Brand Activation 2010 - Mix Marketing Xtra Magazine

Mizone Maxxibilities Campaign 2007

In the mid 2007, we were appointed to handle "Maxxibilities", an integrated campaign for Mizone (an isotonic drink brand, owned by Danone Indonesia).

The objective of this campaign was to communicate the product's functional benefit while strengthen its relevancy to the audience's daily life. To deliver this objective, we worked closely with the Mizone team and Ogilvy PR as Mizone's Public Relation Agency at that time. Almost all of the material of this campaign (except the awaskecolongan.com & maxxibilities.com microsite) was prepared and executed by us.

The campaign was launched with unbranded teaser street happening in several locations all around Jakarta and had successfully built curiosity amongst the crowd.

bb teaserbb brand

"awas kecolongan" street happening

The next phase was the launching of the integrated maxxibilities campaign. This campaign phase was supported by TV commercial, print ad, poster, radio commercial and viral marketing.

The humorous approach of the campaign successfully created strong awareness in the public. Its catchy and funny dialog in its TV commercial like “baju biru celana kotak-kotak" (checkered shirt with blue pants or blue shirt with checkered pants) became part of daily conversation. The jokes even been used in Extravaganza, the Indonesian version of “Saturday Night Live” comedy show and appeared in a caricature in Kompas, Indonesia’s main newspaper. This TV Commercial then won a bronze metal in ADOI Advertising Awards 2008, judged by one of the world known advertising guru, Jeff Goodby.

"Blind Date" TV Commercial

"Blind Date" Print Ad

Maxxibilities Viral Marketing

After that, the campaign was followed by on-ground activation activities. The Maxxibilities Zone was created to provide the consumer experience the main benefit of the product by participating in several activities, such as Step Messaging Service, Word Search, Virtual Consultation, etc. This on-ground activation was also supported by amplification TV commercial to strengthen the awareness of the program and invite participant to visit the next events. Overall, these serial of events have successfully gathered +/- 35.000 of enthusiast crowd.



As the closing phase of this campaign, the consumers were invited to nominate their friends/ family that meet the criteria of “maxxibilities icon”, the people who have proven their aptitude in maximizing their abilities and opportunity in their daily life. There were 4 categories for consumer to nominate: workers, students, parents and friends. The winner of this program (8 people, 4 icons and 4 person who nominate them) then went to holiday in New Zealand. This phase ran for relatively short period of time. The call for entries was done through TV commercial, web banner, and posters.

This whole campaign still became one of the case studies in several marketing forum/ discussions and blogs. And in 2008, this integrated campaign won an Order of Merit acknowledgment from PMAA (Promotion Marketing Awards of Asia) 2008.

Maxxibilities Icon website banner

Maxxibilites Icon winners in New Zealand


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