Hello there, we are a creative lab based in Jakarta. We’re idea driven, inspired by the constant shift in design and technology to create our classics.

We’re currently working for BEKRAF, Net 1 Indonesia, Indoeskrim, Djarum, Kalbe, PDW and more.

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Celsius Creative Lab is an award winning creative agency. Through ingenious ideas and innovative execution, we breathe life into our labors of love.

Our services encompass three key practices


We believe in the importance of well-defined strategy. To deliver only the best result, we delves into research and thoughtfully craft a strategy tailored for our client’s needs.

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity Development
Digital Strategy
Content Strategy


We don’t just believe in good ideas, we live and breathe in them. Creative idea is the core of our practice, and with it, we build our client’s present and future.

Branding & Visual Design
Copywriting & Content Writing
Creative Campaign


As a forward thinking creative lab, we are well-versed in the science of craft. A proficiency that has time and time again proved to be valuable in helping our clients thrive in this digital culture.

Elwin Mok
Managing Creative Director
Shinta Pratiwi
Account Director
Riri Wiroreno
Associate Account Director
Ade ‘teple’ Irawan
Associate Creative Director
Tyas Rachman Prahadianto
Account Manager
Aditya Wijanarko
Graphic Designer
Citra Pariwara - Bronze
Gold's Gym - Tough Parking Lot
Best Use of Ambient Media
Pinasthika - Silver
Gold's Gym - Tough Parking Lot
Bawana - Outdoor/Unconventional Media
Pinasthika - Bronze
Yayasan Olahragawan Indonesia - Soeharto
Bawana - Radio/PSA
Pinasthika - Finalist
Gold's Gym - Tough Parking Lot
Bawana – Outdoor/Brand Installation/Sclupture
Pinasthika - Finalist
Gold's Gym - Tough Parking Lot
Bawana – Outdoor/Public Space Branding

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