Live, Work, and Play

Celsius Creative Lab was built on the principle of being the incubator of great ideas, but it was also founded as the laboratory of great life. Homy environment, delightful teammates, and enjoyable working experiences are our recipe for an inspired team who genuinely love doing what they do with us.

However, we have noticed that it’s not always easy to take a time off of work and play, especially in this connected world. There is a trick in finding that work-life balance, and one of ours is a short group vacation or, as we call it, Celsians’ Outing.

Because we believe that ideas shouldn’t be confined, we apply the same principle to our outing itinerary. We try to keep it simple, focusing less on planning what to do and more on how we’re doing it. The purpose of Celsians’ Outing, after all, is to let our team blow off some steam while strengthening our bonds at the same time.



This year, we took a four days and three nights trip to Gili Trawangan, West Nusa Tenggara. Aside from the scheduled diving trip and a customary company dinner, our itinerary were mostly bare. The team was free to decide on their own activities, allowing them to fully enjoy their time and pursue their interest with like minded people.

Through the outing, our team were able to experience a total work-free weekend getaway. It was a moment where they could forget all distractions, so they could be more attuned to the world and people around them. They came to learn each other’s various quirks, reforging old bonds and forming new ones between people who found kindred souls in unexpected workmates. It was a short trip filled with amusing and memorable moments, a pleasant experience to spice up our team’s great life.


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