Tualang Ramadhan

Digital Activation Hikmah Puasa 2017

In a nation that spans through thousands of islands with hundreds of ethnicities, diversity is an issue that’s close to heart. To help bring these issues to the forefront, we created a digital campaign that spotlighted unique local traditions in celebrating the holy month of Ramadhan for PT. Djarum. The campaign was a part of Hikmah Puasa, PT. Djarum annual integrated Ramadhan campaign, and was in-line with their TVC.

The core of the campaign was Tualang Ramadhan, an interactive chat-based game in Hikmah Puasa’s website. In the game, the player would chat with two of Indonesia’s beloved celebrities, Dimas Anggara and Ayushita, and determine the story of their journey across Indonesia. Through Dimas and Ayushita as their proxy, players would be able to learn about unique traditions in Indonesia and came to appreciate the country’s diversity.

Accessible through desktop and mobile, the game was available to be played from 26th May 2017 to 18 June 2017. A trailer to the game was released a few days prior, and the campaign was also supported through related content in Hikmah Puasa’s social media assets on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As the first of its kind in Indonesia, the game also gained coverage in various news outlets.