43rd ASEAN Summit Jakarta

Experiental Design

In 2023, Indonesia has been chosen to host the 43rd ASEAN Summit. The event was organized by Pacto Convex and Celsius Creative Lab, which collaborated with Biroe Architect, tasked to create the overall branding.

As the theme of our conference is ASEAN Matters: Epicentrum of Growth, we brought the abundant natural beauty and bounty that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us into the venue. We built a 9-meter-high cliff and waterfall installation with a large multimedia screen displaying the Presidential Palace in the Nusantara Capital.

The natural environment was enhanced by a waterfall, an artificial lake, a bridge, and a forest with different types of flowers and plants, as well as burbling water and chirping birds to create a tranquil atmosphere. The installation was also a symbol of Indonesia’s commitment to preserving nature and maintaining ecosystem balance.

Video : Sekretariat Presiden & Celsius | Photo: BPMI Setpres and Celsius.