World Conference on Creative Economy (WCCE)

Indonesia believes that it is the time for the global community to take up and seriously discuss the creative economy’s opportunities and challenges. Indonesia also recognizes the cross-cutting nature of this issue with other relevant global issues discussed at the multilateral fora and/or international organizations such as the United Nations, WIPO, G20, WEF, and MIKTA.

Due to the emergence of the demand for partnership and collaboration between countries in identifying and increasing the awareness on the creative industry strategy importance, Indonesia Government through Indonesia Agency for Creative Economy initiated an international level conference which is called World Conference on Creative Economy (WCCE).

Indonesia conducted the first-ever “World Conference on Creative Economy” (WCCE), that involved multi-stakeholders, consisting of representatives from governments, private sectors, think-tanks, civil society, international organizations, as well as media and experts in this area. The theme of the WCCE was “Inclusively Creative” that discusses five main issues, namely social cohesion, regulations, marketing, ecosystem, and financing.

Celsius created the brand identity for WCCE, including “Inclusively Creative” tag-line and concept, on-site branding, and brand experiences throughout the conference.